Welcome to Ultimate Indoor Paintball - The home of exhilarating paintball in the Manawatu!


Located on Tremaine Ave, 600m from Rangitikei Line in Palmerston North, we're handy to the centre of town.


We offer an experience like no other with our fog machine, premium sound and lighting systems as well as optional trip wires for that extra fright.


We have great customer service and knowledgeable staff dedicated to making your experience safe and memorable.


Catering up to 30 players at a time and games to suit any style you would like. Capture the Flag, Protect the Donkey and Attack/Defend the Forts are just some of the games we thought of!


We only use quality paintball equipment and are available 7 days a week.



Looking for a way to celebrate your birthday? Paintball can make it a fun, memorable day. Have a laugh with your friends and family by shooting each other. We take photo's while your playing so you have proof of your battles.



Why not come and let off a bit of steam. Paintball is a fantastic way for a send off from the last days of freedom. It will also take your mind off the stress of the big day.



We have a great set up for schools and the youth. Paintball helps teach discipline and respect. It's an activity all youth can play and will remember for the rest of their lives.



It's been proven that paintball is one of the best ways to not only improve team work but also to find out individual strengths and weaknesses.

If you're looking for a leader, this is a great way to see if anyone steps up for the leadership role.

The good thing about paintball is everyone is on the same level. There's no advantage for male or female, age or fitness level. Anyone can play paintball. It's also a good time to shoot the boss!


Catering players from Manawatu, Feilding, Wanganui, Levin, Horowhenua and Palmerston North Areas and welcome all new comers!




A wealth of custom made bunkers to give you cover when you need it. Designed to be reconfigured so your games will never be the same!

Ever wanted to slide over the bonnet of a car while in a shoot out? Now you can!!

Vans provide a unique type of cover, with a hole in the roof you can shoot out of it's a sneaky way of getting the edge!



$35 Per Person

Includes: BT4 Gun, Mask and 200 paintballs

Other Info

Bookings typically last up to 1.5 hours.

Minimum of 10 required to secure a booking.

Walk ins welcome but bookings are priority.

Eftpos available.


Extra 100 Paintballs $10

Disposable Overalls $6


Book for 12 or more and one person can upgrade to a BT Omega or BT Delta marker

Play for Free on your Birthday!

Simply fill out this form  before your birthday and we will be in touch.

Conditions apply.


Birthdays, Stag Dos, Corporates

Social Nights

If you're keen to get into paintball but not sure where to start? Come to our Tuesday Social Nights!


Social Nights usually start at 6pm and finish around 9pm every Tuesday, if you have your own paintball gun bring it down - the maximum speed is 210fps, we have a chrono to help set this correctly.


If you have your own paintballs you can use them on social night also (we don't allow red or pink paint as it tends to stain).


$20 to play

$15 for a bag of 500 paintballs

We order dinner as part of the night (usually $5 per person)


All are welcome including newcomers!


See our facebook page for more info on the next night.

Anyone Can Play!

All Welcome!

Club Days

If you find you love playing paintball so much you want to get into it regularly, then Club days are for you.


The Horowhenua Paintball Club get together every second Sunday and welcome anyone who is wanting to take their paintball experience to the next level.


Games usually last from 8.45am until early afternoon, see the Horowhenua Paintball Club facebook page for venue information.


Anyone can play with full sets of gear for hire and paint balls offered at club prices - you don't have to be a club member to be a part of the action! Most club players buy their own paint ball gear over time and the club can help offer advice on finding the paintball set up that suits you.


All different types of games are played, props such as a fog machine and trip-wires enhance them to the next level.


You don't have to be super fit, or young - club players are of all ages and different fitness level.


Club members are friendly and very helpful. The club is strong on safety and work together to make each game day enjoyable for all players.


On normal club days we have between 20 to 30 players, numbers are split in half to form two teams.


Club members are all to keen to show how the games are played and show new people some pointers on how to play with tactics and work as a team.


Come and give it a go and find out if it's your next favorite hobby.


Visit their facebook page or contact us for more details.



If your question isn't answered here, please let us know - we'd love to help!


Does it hurt?

This is our most common question and the answer is yes and no. We like to think of it as a sting that disappears after a couple of seconds, you will probably feel getting hit but when you're full of adrenalin it is quickly forgotten and your focus is now on revenge!


Is it safe?

Yes, very! It is known as one of the safest sports in the world - we take safety very seriously and have a very strict zero tolerance policy.


How do you deal with fogging masks?

All of our masks are fitted with fans to circulate air and significantly reduce fogging.


How does it work at Ultimate Indoor Paintball?

For both walk ins and group bookings, we will ask you to complete our waiver, go through a safety briefing and organize your games. There will be plenty of time for any questions you might have. We'll organise a variety of games including Advance the Donkey, Capture The Flag, Protect The VIP, etc.


We've put together some intense sound files for our sound system, if you'd like to add the extra dimension of themed gameplay ask about our WW2, Vietnam, Modern Combat and Galactic sound experiences (at no extra cost!).


Do you play with other people?

If you have a group booking the field is reserved for you! We've found paintball is much more enjoyable when you're playing with people you know.

If you don't have the minimum 10 people to book, you're welcome to walk in on the weekends (see our open times). Bookings are priority however so walk ins may have to wait if a booking is in session. You may also be playing with other walk ins.


How many paintballs will I go through?

It really depends on the person. You start with 200 paintballs and some players only need this many to last the entire booking. On average our players go through 300-400 paintballs per session.

-Please remember to not pickup any used paintballs lying on the field, used paintballs if used again will jam in the gun and you won't be able to play.


What should I wear?

Depending on the season, dress for the temperature - pants/jeans and long sleeve tops are recommended. Paintballs these days are non-toxic and non staining (it's not actually paint at all but a type of coloured vegetable oil) so we don't provide overalls as part of the price. We sell disposable overalls for an additional $5. Closed shoes are recommended also.


Can I bring my own gun?

Yes, BUT, it will need to be inspected and chronographed for speed (max 210fps).

If you're coming with a group of people who will be using our equipment, we recommend you use our equipment to keep a level playing field so everyone has fun.

There's no discount for bringing your own equipment. If you're keen to bring your own gun - come along to our Club Days with club prices.


What is the minimum age?

The recommended minimum age is 10 years old, any players under 13 require adult supervision to ensure the safety rules are followed.

Please note also that any group with all or mostly under 13 requires 2 adults to be playing with them for extra supervision.


What is the minimum required to book?

10 players are required to secure a booking. If you're struggling to get numbers give us a call.


Do you allow alcoholic beverages?

No. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse entry to players at our discretion.


Do you sell refreshments?

We sell a small selection of drinks on site.


Do you sell paintball gear?

We're able to provide a small range of paintball gear on site to buy from camo gear to masks and accessories. If we don't have it we can likely source it so let us know!


Do you have Parking?

Yes we have plenty of parking at our entrance. We are also on the No.5/6 bus route (Cloverlea), see the Horizons website for more info.

Contact us


Ultimate Indoor Paintball

481 Tremaine Avenue

Palmerston North



0800 354 968

Open Hours

Open for bookings 7 days a week (10am - 8pm)


Open for Walkins

Saturday - 10am - 6pm

Sunday - 10am - 4pm


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Ultimate Indoor Paintball is Manawatus' premier Paintball Venue suitable for all ages!


We offer an indoor facility in Palmerston North.


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Ultimate Indoor Paintball

481 Tremaine Avenue

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0800 354 968


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